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Mexican Beach Pebbles

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We Rock AZ! now offers authentic Mexican Beach Pebbles for landscaping and water-features.

one half inch - one inch black non-polishedone half inch -  one inch black polishedone inch - two inch black non-polishedone inch - two inch black polishedtwo inch - three inch black non-polished
one half inch - one inch chocolate polishedone inch - two inch chocolate polishedtwo inch - three inch chocolate non-polishedone inch - two inch red non-polishedone inch - two inch red polished

When selecting Mexican Beach Pebbles, please designate:

Color:Currently in Stock: Black, Red, Green, Sunburst, or Mixed colors, or other
based on availability
Finish:Polished or unpolished
Size:1/2" - 1", 1" - 2", & 2" - 3", 3" - 5
(Larger sizes available by special order only.)
And...Whether for delivery or pick-up:

A 50 lb. bag of Mexican beach pebbles generally covers about 3.5 square feet.
That's 3.5 square feet per 50 lb. bag - AT ONE LAYER DEEP!
To calculate how much you need, divide your total area square footage by 3.5. This will tell you how many 50 lb. bags you may need.
Example: a 16' x 16' area (256 square feet) would need @ 73 bags at 50lbs. per bag. This is 1.825 tons.
AZ sales tax is 8.3%
Delivery, if applicable, depends on the tonnage requested and the cross streets.
Call for current pricing and availability.

They are available in a variety of colors, finishes, and sizes.

Mexican Beach Pebbles are available by the pound or by the ton, and are priced based on quantity, color, finish, size, and whether to be picked up or delivered to your home, business, or jobsite. Delivery rates are based on quantity ordered and your delivery location.

• 1" - 2" Black...Non-Polished
• 1" - 2" Black Polished
• 3" - 5" Black...Non-Polished
• 1" - 2" Sunburst...Non-Polished
• 1/2" - 1" Unpolished Black

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